3 Tips on Optimizing Your Facebook Fan Page for the Search Engines

Milwaukee Wisconsin - Search Engine Optimization CompanyBuilding a large fan base is one of the most important things you can do which means that getting fans to your page is incredibly important. One good way to get your page in front of large numbers of people in your chosen niche is to make sure your page is search engine optimized. That’s right: you can quickly and easily use SEO effectively on your fan page which will ensure that you get fresh search engine traffic on a regular basis. The best part about using this method of promotion is that the traffic you get from the search engines will actually be interested in what you are offering. Here are three easy tips that you can use to get a traffic boost through SEOing your Facebook page.

An important aspect is ensuring that you choose a good username for your fan page and Facebook account. Your Facebook username and vanity URL is much like a domain name. If you don’t get it, then someone else will. As soon as you get started you need to register the URL of your fan page. When choosing a URL pick something that has general keywords but avoid making it appear spammy because Facebook has banned usernames before. Just keep things simple and choose your URL based on your business name.You will always want to caption the photos you use, as well as put descriptions of events.

When placing photos on your Facebook page, make sure your descriptions are keyword rich to not only get more SEO juice but also to make sure your fan page has pizzazz, and that people find it interesting. One great thing about Facebook is that Google indexes whatever you share. So use these features as best you can because they will help you get an advantage over your competitors. See how we did it with Milwaukee SEO on our Facebook page.

Lastly, make sure you are not using a generic landing page with your Facebook page. Facebook allows you to make your page look how you want it, so you use that ability. This will make sure you get the SEO benefit, too. So ensure the landing tab is custom made for your audience and give them a call to action.

Give your new traffic another reason to want to join your page. It’s a mistake to have your visitors land on your wall because it doesn’t really explain anything about your product or your brand. This means you want effect anyone who comes to your page for only one time. To sum up: properly optimizing your page for the search engines is not that difficult and it doesn’t take a whole lot of time to see the results you want. And remember that getting targeted search engine traffic to your Facebook fan page is only the first step towards success. You need to consistently put in the effort to grow your search engine traffic by improving your SEO. It is true that there are a number of factors that will go into making your fan page successful but it is also true that how you build upon this traffic and use it to further your efforts is what truly matters most.

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Getting Google to Love Your Site

SEO MilwaukeeEarning highly targeted traffic is one of the highest priorities you should have. And, for Internet Marketers and Websites, Google is the best source for getting that highly qualified and targeted traffic. When you take a look around, however, you’ll see that most people are still struggling to get the attention, respect and high page rankings that Google doles out. The reason for this is simple – they aren’t applying the right tactics. They are not doing the things they need to do to get Google to love and appreciate their websites. So which techniques will help you reach that goal? In this article we are going to explore a few of the things that you can do when you want to make the best impression on Google so that you can be ranked well for the keywords that you have targeted.

Content is front and center when it comes to getting into Google’s good graces. Stolen or bad content is surely a no no. The content has to be unique and it has to really helpful. As a result of Google Panda, content has really taken a hit. Google is expecting you to produce only top notch content. Google will not give good rankings to websites that have bad content. So if you want good Google rankings, make sure that you produce good content.

The age of your domain name also matters when you’re trying to get your website ranked in Google. You could see more positive results with an aged domain name. Google works hard to provide its users with relevance, as well as giving them access to authority sites. Google tends to value older sites over newly registered domains.

No matter what niche your site is in, an older domain name is likely to rank better than a newer one. You could wait until your domain ages naturally, or you could buy a domain that has been registered for a while. You also have the option to keep working on excellent content, adding new backlinks and your ranking will improve anyway.

It’s best to get out there and connect yourself to sites of authority. Google takes a major interest in seeing how well you are connected. And earning backlinks through highly reputable sites that Google favors can definitely be a major plus. For instance, if there is a blog within your niche or market that has earned a high authority ranking, try to figure out how you can earn backlinks from it. Send in a guest post. Contribute some comments. Or you could just ask the blogger to make mention of your website. There are many things that can help you succeed or fail. This is why you should use the tips from this article. When you get it right in Google’s eyes, you should be on easy street. All you will have to do is constantly put in the effort to maintain this relationship with the search engine giant. There will be more traffic from Google if things are done right. This will be nothing but a big payoff that you get for doing what Google wants you to do.